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I recall with a sense of purpose some of the things that happened in my childhood starting from about the age of 3 – 4 years. I often knew what I wanted. I recall how my body responded to what my mind wanted, how I only needed to imagine and visualize activities to execute them, a lot of these activities were beyond my age and how my mind knew what to do to get me either into or out of trouble.

Another compelling thing I recall is when I find myself in some difficulty in my dream, my mind would recognize I’m in a dream and based on this, I would not go into a panic, but with a calm and clear mind, I would make myself stay in the dream to know how the interesting scenario eventually played out.

Fascinating, isn’t it? My mind always knew what I wanted based on my thoughts, the pictures I made in my head and things I said to myself.

However, at times the outcomes differed from what I wanted, differed from my expectation and as I grew older this disparity became more frequent. Fortunately, I have come to understand that this means there’s a misalignment between what I want and what my mind thinks I want. In other words, it means I know what I want but my mind has received a different signal based on my thoughts, the pictures I made in my head and things I said to myself.

Renewing my mind in response to this misalignment would then bring about a transformation in myself and change the outcome right before my eyes. I had earlier found the spiritual backing for this principle but only more recently found the scientific backing for it through the brilliant art of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) by Marisa Peer. This principle works each time and Science makes it easier to teach it.

Between my later childhood and now, I have been constantly transforming by renewing my mind such that it executes what it perceives to be my desire. I have learnt that my mind’s duty first and foremost is to keep me alive and would go all out to protect me and keep me safe above any other thing by picking signals from the messages I pass to it through my thoughts, the pictures I make in my head and things I say to myself. I have learnt that there is an undeniable powerful mind-body connection.

Fast forward to the present, in my 50s, I still know what I want, but I am more deliberate in telling my mind what I want, through my thoughts, the pictures I paint in my head and things I say to myself. A very recent outcome of this practice is the freedom to do, yet again, what I love, to live with total clarity of purpose, and to design my life on nobody’s terms but my own instead of continuing to settle for a very good paycheck. By the way, I must say that the paycheck worked for me for over 3 decades of excellent corporate experience in highly competitive roles.

This freedom gives me the flexibility to now be fully dedicated to empowering other high achievers with a higher purpose in life.

As a high achiever myself, I understand the demands and pressures that come with striving for excellence, and I have firsthand experience with the challenges that can come with a busy and demanding lifestyle. Combining this transformational technique and my own unique blend of intuition has unlocked a formula for high achievers like you to go beyond limitations of destructive behaviors, manage stress, reduce anxiety, scale barriers & burnout, and achieve greater balance and harmony in your lives.

I am committed to your transformation and will help you through a phenomenal experience you would be excited about. My job, that I have had tremendous amount of success in doing, is to help you uncover the root cause and equip you with proven techniques to overcome these challenges over a very short period and to achieve a healthy work-life balance, to live a more fulfilling, balanced life.

Schedule a free 30-minute call with me here and let’s see how I can help you transform by renewing your mind, master your mind-body connection and reach new heights of success.

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