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Smoke-free, Life-changing Experience
Working with Folashade and her Mind-Body Balance Blueprint program has been a life- changing experience for me. As an engineer in a high-stress environment, I had been struggling with a smoking addiction for over a decade. I had tried various methods like abstaining, vapes, shisha, and nicotine patches, but nothing seemed to work. But then I came across Folashade in a social event and she mentioned her unique approach to breaking habits through the power of the mind. From our very first interaction, I was impressed by her understanding of the challenges I faced and her commitment to maintaining confidentiality throughout the process. What truly sets Folashade apart is her unwavering support and dedication to my success. She gently yet persistently guided me through the sessions, ensuring we completed the planned program, and followed up with me even after the sessions were over. Her genuine care and attentiveness made all the difference. I am ecstatic to share that after just a month of working with Folashade, I am now smoke-free with absolutely no urge to smoke. The transformation I have experienced is remarkable, not only in my physical health but also in my mindset. I now firmly believe that there is nothing I can't achieve when I set my mind to it. If you are looking to break free from destructive habits, find balance, and achieve your inner desires, I wholeheartedly recommend Folashade and her Mind-Body Balance Blueprint program. Her expertise, compassion, and genuine dedication to helping others make her an invaluable guide on the path to personal transformation. Trust me, she has so much to offer, and your life will never be the same once you embark on this incredible journey with her.
Paul Ikenebomeh
Deeply Transformative, Nothing but a Miracle.
I loved my session with Folashade she made me feel comfortable and at ease from the very start of our session which was so supportive as I was coming for a session on social anxiety. I had struggled for many years with social anxiety and it stopped me from making new friends, from going out to place and enjoying my life. It was so important for me to get over this hurdle in my life but I couldn’t quite get there on my own. The session itself was deeply transformative and healing but what happened after was nothing but a miracle in my eyes. I had booked onto a retreat for a few week after our session and I was so appreciative about how I would feel in a group of 20 new strangers, well I talked in a sharing circle with ease I chatted to new people and really enjoyed myself with no anxiety at all! I couldn’t believe the change and now 6 months later I’m thriving socially iv made new friends been going to festivals and events, I also held my first group workshop which I would never of been able to even dream about doing with the social anxiety I had before. I feel confident comfortable and no longer fear being seen and shining my light to the world. I’m so grateful for my session with Folashade I loved her supportive nature and authenticity and would highly recommend her.
Becky Holmes
Life Changing, Forever Changed.
I had a great session with Shade. She is a very friendly, warm, and understanding human being. I can't recommend her enough. She has a very soothing and calming techniques. The session was more than successful. It was life changing. I wanted to work on my self-confidence, self-esteem as I have always doubted my lovability. After just one session I was able to identify the root cause and myself much better and after listening to the outstanding transformation recording, I am forever changed. My relationships with my parents, my siblings and my friends changed as well as my dating life and work life. I've never felt something like that in my whole life. Thank you Shade and looking forward to having more session with you. I'm happy that the world has someone like you to help others in all aspects of life.
Yaman Halloum
Powerful Transformative Method.
I approached Shade with the issue of my weight, I was able to lose weight, I had eating issues so it was really difficult for me for over 40 years, I’m glad I came to Shade because she is really approachable, she is a good listener, she knows what she is doing the ethod se is using is very powerful. After my session with Her I stated sleeping better, I am changing my attitude and relationship with food. The transformation that Shade gave me is very powerful using very strong words, helping me recognise what is makes sense. I am really happy I met someone like Shade. With Shade you are in good hands and the method she uses are powerful, the transformation I have is for the rest of my life, I did the rapid transformation with Shade and I recommend it all the best and go and change your life.
Olena Davydovych

Mark Summers


Olena Davydovych

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